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Drive Growth Through Innovation.

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Adam hartung:

“Don’t plan for what you know. Plan for what you don’t know.”

Spark Partners prepares business leaders and entrepreneurs to think and execute like innovators. We drive results in your business by teaching you to identify, classify, and develop innovations that will conquer your market. Stay in front of market shifts by becoming part of our SparkCom Innovator community, giving you insights, tools, and resources to gain the advantage and help propel your business to greater success.

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The SparkCom Podcast by Spark Partners


Join our SparkCom community for insights, collaboration, and access to deep expertise on innovation and technology. By joining SparkCom, business leaders and entrepreneurs can leverage Spark Partner's insights on market trends and activities to grow their business.

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To thrive requires either being an innovator or adapting to innovations then executing. We help you by guiding your innovation mindset to dominate and crush the competition. Reshape your industry before your competitor does it for you. Join SparkCom for access to coaching.

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Understanding trends is the most important thing to do as a business leader or entrepreneur. Our Spark Innovation Courses will give you tools and techniques to re-frame your mind to better identify trends, develop innovations, and deploy strategies to succeed.  First, get out of the box. Then think!

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The COVID-19 Disruption: Thrive to the Future

It's 2020, the world is caught in the grasp of a pandemic that has brought economic progress to a screeching halt. As cities struggle, entire industries are closed, unemployment is at record levels. When will we “return to normal?" Gain insights on how to prepare yourself and your business to THRIVE during these uncertain times.

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Spark Partners ebook - The COVID-19 Disruption: Thrive to the Future

Adam Hartung's Book

Create Marketplace Disruption:
How to Stay Ahead of the Competition
Create Marketplace Disruption - A book by Adam Hartung of Spark Partners



Once companies fall into what Hartung calls the "Defend and Extend" mindset, only seven percent will ever grow consistently again, and fifty-five percent will remain in permanent decline. Yet academia keeps teaching the "basics" that will repeat this formula for failure. Businesspeople, who ought to be more practical than academia, are just as blind. Hartung gives many examples in which companies sabotage new thinking and approaches through management indifference or hostility, by organizing new projects for failure, by hamstringing resources, and by outright "cooking" of financial analysis to reconfirm that it is more sensible to continue a weak or failing strategy than to take a risk on something new. Hartung does more than critique the status quo or describe the many subtle techniques of the "Status Quo Police."

He also provides many examples of companies from multiple fields that have broken away from locked-in thinking. This book is replete with examples of companies that not only disrupted their own business but redefined entire markets. He takes the additional, and usually overlooked step, of how companies can bring along their customers, who are also locked in to the old way of doing things on the successful journey moving ahead.