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Premier Business Growth Masterclass:
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Mini-course for established businesses:

We are harnessing our vast experience and domain knowledge in innovation and business growth to create novel courses to give you the Tools and Tactics to build a strategy to Win in Business. Whether you're an entrepreneur with a startup or an experienced executive in a Fortune 500 company our courses helps you think and act like an innovator!

Think Innovation Course by Spark Partners with Adam Hartung and Manny Teran

Launching Fall 2020

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Spark Partners' courses are designed for the busy business professional in mind. Our courses are online/on-demand and are split into individual lessons, each approximately 15-25 minutes, and can be consumed at a reasonable pace. For our masterclass, THINK Innovation, we also offer a cohort model that brings in a certified Spark Partners trainer to the beginning and end of the course, to help you integrate what you learn into the inner workings of your business.

Our powerful content is derived from over 12,000 case studies, 25 years of research, and over 50 years of successful business experience, with the latest discoveries in adult learning to give you a truly unique business course that will disrupt the way you think and drive sustainable growth in your business.

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The THINK Innovation Course is Spark Partners’ premiere master class offering breakthrough insight to disrupt conventional business tactics and foster an effective growth-driven mindset, giving you the tools to think like an innovator and create continuous growth in your business. Whether you’re new to business or the leader of a Fortune 500 company, this course is designed for everyone aiming to grow to the next level.
The UNLOCK Growth Course is Spark Partners’ first mini-course giving business executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs a highly impactful course made especially to solve the problems of slow growth, no growth or a strong desire to accelerate the growth in your business. This course is recommended for companies or start-ups that have been in business for more than a year or for intrepid entrepreneurs who are looking at crafting a start-up that lasts.