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Spark Kickstart

Spark Growth

Spark Apex

Specialized executive coaching for high-growth potential entrepreneurs within high-growth potential markets. We help you to align your company with emerging trends and discover the path the get there. Our Kickstart is ideal for creating the massive momentum to get your idea or early stage company off of the ground.

Executive coaching for companies enjoying massive growth and wanting to continue that growth trajectory by understanding trends and by creating activities and establishing behaviors within the company leadership that can be deployed to the employees. We help uncover what trends to focus on based on the strengths of your team and shifts in your market.
Transformational coaching taking you to the top. We guide you through the tools and strategies to create massive transformations in your company, starting from the executive level and on through to the ranks. We use personality assessments, market assessments, trend analysis, and other propriety tools proven to create lasting success in your company. We work primarily with C-suite executives who are ready to be coached and make major moves for growth.
Fixed rate of $3,597
Fixed rate of $5,457
Fixed rate of $7,397

Happy Clients

Spark Partners has served countless high growth companies and provided over $3BILLION of value to them.

How We Help

SparkPartners offers coaching to give you the edge over your competition and help your business grow. We work with you on your business to recognize and assess market trends, build a plan to go where the market is going--not where it is--and hold you accountable for delivering on your plan.

Instead of reacting to a radically changing market, business leaders and entrepreneurs can’t afford to wait – they need to plan, prepare, and execute. Cutting costs may buy you time, but scenario planning and creating your own innovation strategies will force your competitors to react to you. It’s important to not only recognize game changers, but to embrace trends

It starts with understanding where you are and continues to where you need to go.

All businesses face market shifts. Our coaching works with you to assess trends to highlight opportunities and threats to your business model. These results will show you how to benefit from long-term relationship planning, changing competition and evolving customer needs. We execute and achieve these results through our coaching.

We can also create custom coaching packages that better suit your needs:

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