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Spark Partners - THINK Innovation Course
Learn to THINK LIKE AN INNOVATOR and GROW your business into the future!

Course Description

The THINK Innovation Course is Spark Partners’ premiere master class offering breakthrough insight to disrupt conventional business tactics and foster an effective growth-driven mindset, giving you the tools to think like an innovator and create continuous growth in your business. Whether you’re new to business or the leader of a Fortune 500 company, this course is designed for everyone aiming to grow to the next level.

The course offers expert instruction by innovation and business growth experts Adam Hartung and Manny Teran. You will learn the meaning of innovation in the age of information, what it takes to create it, and effective strategies for rethinking what more your business can offer. We offer knowledge and exercises from years of research and experience leading organizations towards strategic growth, and we break the philosophy down into workable concepts to get entrepreneurs disrupting their marketplace.
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Professional Training in
Growth-Driven Mindset & Innovation
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Learn to Think Like an Innovator

Great innovators think differently and launch marketplace disruptions. Our online master class teaches you how to think, create, and execute like an innovator. Our breakthrough insights and methods will help change your mindset, giving you the tools, techniques, and strategies to create a culture of innovation in your business. We combine our powerful content, derived from over 12,000 case studies, 20 years of research, and 45 years of successful business experience, with the latest discoveries in adult learning to give you a truly unique business course that will disrupt the way you think and drive sustainable growth in your business.

You Will Learn

Why is it Important to Innovate?

  • Understand the importance in innovating at all levels of business experience and expertise to survive and thrive in the world.

What is Innovation?

  • Understand innovation as a necessary and direct response to the world’s rapidly changing needs.

Why Creating Innovation is a Challenge

  • Develop an understanding of the resource investment, changes, and various barriers encountered in the process of innovating.

The Importance of Growth and What It Takes to Create It

  • Learn the #1 rule to creating growth.
  • Understand that long-term business success requires constant, strategic action to drive growth, and that assuming growth will lead to failure.

How Change Happens

  • Understanding how innovation, trends, and changes happen in the marketplace, and how those changes can make or break a business.
  • Use growth rates to evaluate a business’s growth trajectory, and determine its next steps to minimizing losses and maximizing growth.

Leading Your Business Out of a Growth Decline

  • Learn how existing and successful companies have taken actions to seek new growth opportunities in response to looming threats of failure.
  • Embrace the possibility of total business transformation to ensure its survival and obtain long-term success.

Know Your Value, Delivery, and Customer

  • Understand your business’ unique value proposition to create new, innovative methods of delivery that meet customer needs and place you ahead of competitors.

Focus on Your Customers, NOT Your Success Formula

  • Understand how sticking to standard business and operational procedures can limit growth and cause an organization to lose sight of the value proposition.
  • Identify existing components of your business’s success formula that bock pursuit of new opportunities and projects.

Tactics for Effectively Planning for Innovation

  • Learn the concepts, and tangible strategies and tools for to effectively plan for innovation including:
    -Planning Outside-In
    -Planning Continuously
    -Trend Based Planning
    -Scenario Planning
    -RELO Matrix for Resource allocation
    -Growth Megaphone for Amplifying Growth

Committing to Blank Space 

  • Understand blank space as an essential component to an organization seeking continuous business growth.

Understanding Risk

  • Understand the difference between the perceived risks and real risks of choosing to continue business as usual and beginning entirely new projects.

Making Strategic Pivots

  • Learn how business leaders can create effective shifts in their organization in attempts to dominate rising markets and take their business to new heights.

Creating an Evergreen Organization

  • After building on the course strategies for innovation planning, learn to create and sustain an evergreen organization that continually seeks and actively creates new business opportunities.

Managing and Classifying Innovations

  • Identify the difference between sustaining and disruptive innovations.
  • Understand the purpose of and create an innovation portfolio of numerous innovations that have been or will be applied to a business over time.

Understanding Lock-in

  • Identify the strict practices of an organization that prevent significant changes from being made, and why they’re necessary to remove effectively innovate.

Permission Acquisition 

  • Understand the importance of asking members within an organization for permission to make significant changes to innovate.

Evaluating Competition and New Customers

  • Broaden your scope of competitors and consumers to optimize your business’s potential to succeed and grow.

Innovator Case Studies

  • Steve Jobs and Apple.
  • Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Group.

Extensive Content

Over 30 lessons and 50 videos covering essential elements

Expert Instruction

Guided learning process to impact your mindset

Course Integration

Retention designed to help you apply learnings in the real-world

Real Engagement

Interact and discuss with Instructors & Community Peers

Fast Results

You'll get value from the course on day 1.


Our courses are designed for the busy professional
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Spark Partners - THINK Innovation Course

Course Bonus!

Additional case Studies cover prominent successful and failing businesses including the FAANGs (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google), Tesla, Sears, Singer Corporation, Uber, Lyft, Blockbuster, General Motors, Southwest Airlines, Virgin Group, and more.
Spark Partners - THINK Innovation Course

THINK Innovation
Master Class Bundle

Self-Paced Program

Lifetime access to THINK Innovation Course
Lifetime access to THINK Innovation Peer Group
Scheduled video calls with Adam & Manny
Direct messaging with course instructors
In-depth instruction with training on real-world integration
Bonus: Lifetime access SparkCom Portal + SparkCom Group

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Think Innovation Course by Spark Partners with Adam Hartung and Manny Teran

Launching January 2021

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