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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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Yes, Roe v Wade and Other Supreme Court Actions Do Affect Business

Adam Hartung, Manny Teran
Roe v. Wade, Demographics, trends, scenario planning

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This podcast reviews how the 3 big precedent changes (New York gun law, reproduction rights and school prayer) all indicate a shift in the high court toward personal rights over the rights of society.  This is a substantial change, and can reflect how businesses will need to possibly re-think their position/plans with customers, employees and suppliers.  What you have been assuming about these relationships might well need to change.

Further, these precedent changes will have an impact on doing business in different states.  This podcast further addresses the need for business leaders to think about where they locate headquarters, facilities and employment centers.  Historically these choices were driven mostly by tax considerations.  But now differing laws in differing states will mean the availability of guns will vary widely, as will the right to pregnancy choice and the openness to incorporating religion into government services.  These wide variations will cause demographic shifts in where people live, and have a major impact on employee satisfaction as well as how business is undertaken – and requires leaders think about policies as well as physical locations.

Thinking points:

• Are your scenario plans up to date?

• Are you prepared to rethink your locations?

• Are you updating your employment policies in line with rapid changes in state laws?

• Do you know how these legal changes will alter your employee, customer and supplier relationships?