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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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Yes, Chinese Demographics DO Make a Difference in How You Run a Business (or a State)

Adam Hartung, Manny Teran
China, Demographics, COVID, communism, trends, innovation, growth, preparedness, manufacturing, electric vehicles, EV, EV's, Wyoming

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Recent headlines were awash in news that China’s population is shrinking.  You might have asked “why should I care?” This podcast explains why trends, like demographic changes, have an impact on EVERYONE. It’s not just big business affected by demographic shifts, it’s all business.  Years of using Chinese laborers at low wages to make products for US and European citizens is going to change, as the number of workers shrinks and wages go up.  This will cause prices of everything to rise, and shortages to develop.  Domestic manufacturing is sure to make a significant comeback.  It will be a massive change.

Too many of us wait and react to trends, rather than building on them to grow.  Policies are already pushing the US further into manufacturing, after years of outsourcing.  And policies will continue that direction, including immigration. Efforts to stop trends, like Wyoming attempting to ban EV sales, waste time and resources, because trends always win out.  Listen to the changes you need to start making today due to reliably predictable demographic trends in China, Japan, France, Germany and the USA.

Thinking Points:

  • Have you thought about how aging populations in countries like Japan, China, Germany, UK, France, Italy and USA will impact your business?
  • Have you thought about the impact of India as the world leader in population growth is gaining influence, jobs and economic power that will affect you?
  • Do you wish government entities would try to stop trends as a way to keep you from changing?
  • Are you ready for prolonged worker shortages, even as layoffs and trends cause changes in skills requirements?