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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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What’s Your Path to $1B Revenue? Follow Arnault, Bezos, Bloomberg and Carlos Slim

Adam Hartung, Manny Teran
Arnault, Bezos, Bloomberg, Slim, riches people, innovation, growth, recession

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The world’s richest people are all self-made billionaires. None started with great family wealth, nor corporations. But can we identify what made them billionaires while others only wish for wealth.

This podcast explains how the path to $1B is available to everyone. But most of us don’t focus on the right things.  First and foremost, it takes a very strong commitment to growing revenues. And to do that requires understanding and investing in trends. You can’t grow revenues fast, a lot and over a long time unless you are in a powerful, long-term trend.  Success is not about trying to force people to buy more of what you’ve always done, but rather investing in trends so your products and services are what people want to buy.

And you must keep investing in trends. Sam Walton was once on this list, but nobody in his family now makes it. Why not?  They quit investing in trends. They got stuck in their old business, which is actually dying.  Today very few business leaders have a plan based on trends that could yield the growth necessary to reach a business.  They use the excuse that managing what they have takes too much resource, so they have not time for investing in something new.  An excuse guaranteed to keep you from succeeding.  Is that your excuse?

Thinking points:

  • Do you understand how your business could better use trends to find new growth opportunities?
  • Are you investing in teams to explore new paths to faster, bigger revenue growth?
  • Do you know the trends that could jump-start a doubllng of your revenue?
  • Would you rather fail doing what you’ve always done (and loved) or succeed by doing something new?