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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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What’s Your AI Problem?

Adam Hartung, Manny Teran
Artificial intellence, AI, trends, innovation, blackberry, iphone

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By 2010 the internet was everywhere.  Most everyone had a Blackberry or iPhone.  Young and old alike knew what was, and doing Google searches.  But, most businesses still saw fully integrating their business onto web-based technology as unnecessary.  Even a waste of money.  While they processed orders manually, and did sales tracking manually, and took payments manually, and chased down bad debts manually the smart companies – small to big – were using the web for all kinds of business functions that helped them sell more stuff faster and cheaper, while managing costs more effectively.  Those slow to adopt often fell so far behind they failed.

Today people use AI nearly every day.  They buy recommended products from Amazon, and have Alexa capable speakers in their homes.  They use Siri or Waze to navigate.  They let “smart boxes” analyze their auto problems and recommend fixes.  Yet, most businesses still think AI is a futuristic technology not applicable to their business.  And that approach is as wrong as thinking the web wouldn’t be part of your business.  In 2020 we wrote “Thrive to the Future” explaining that AI would be one of the 4 biggest trends driving growth into 2030 – and that is proving true in spades!

This podcast explains how Generative AI works, and how it can be applied to any business today.  It explains how you can use your own data and customer experience to build tools that will improve customer satisfaction, increase sales and even manage costs.  It shows you how to focus on problems and solve them with off-the-shelf AI problems, while using AI to solve customer problems that positions your business for much greater growth and profits.

Thinking Points:  

  • Do you think AI is futuristic and not part of  your everyday life today?
  • Have you thought about ways to apply AI to solving customer problems and improving your business?
  • Are you familiar with AI tools available from companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple you can apply today?
  • Are you building plans to use data and customer behavior to change your business model and create avenues for faster, profitable growth?