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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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Using Your Value Proposition to Drive Start-Up Growth

Mann Teran, Adam Hartung, Jordan Shepley
start-up, Jordan Shepley, The Headling Lounge, Value Delivery System, under-served

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Do you know WHY people should want to do business with your start-up, without discussing HOW you do it?  This #Podcast interviews Jordan Shepley founder of The Headling Lounge.  In this interview Jordan describes exactly why people should want to buy her products. Over and again she describes the benefits customers receive, short and long-term.  We almost had to pry the Value Delivery System out of her.  And for that reason she’s selling 100% of her capacity, and looking to expand her 6 month old business.  It’s a great example of understanding the under-served, poorly met needs of customers and coming up with a solution for that need so your business can see rapid growth right out the chute.

Thinking points:

  • Can you clearly state your Value Proposition without a mention of how you deliver that value?
  • Are you focused on adding value, or running the business?
  • Do you know your target customer and their needs, or are you trying to sell something which may have little or no value?