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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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Understanding Millenials and Gen Z To Predict Workplace Trends

Adam Hartung, Manny Teran
Millenials, Gen Z, workforce, Zoomers, Baby Boomers, workforce, demographic surveys, demographic trends, gig economy, HR policies

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Millenials and Gen Z (Zoomers) already make up half the workforce.  By 2025 Zoomers will be 25% on their own.  Despite the outsized voices of Baby Boomers (who mostly are out of the workforce) this means the work world will change dramatically.  And it’s not even hard to predict how.  Just look at demographic surveys and you will not only predict how work will change, but prepare yourself to be a leader and obtain the best talent.

When we published “Thrive to the Future” (make title a hot link to the download) 3 years ago our predictions were based on known demographic trends.  Thus we could accurately predict that the pandemic would accelerate the needs for workforce mobility (AKA work from home,) asynchronous work patterns and tools (aka flexible scheduling and 4 day work weeks,) gig economy workers and artificial intelligence (ChatGPT.)  Those trends did accelerate, and are clearly becoming more prominent.

This podcast reviews what’s most important to the emerging leader Millenial demographic, and the emerging manager Zoomer demographic.  And it’s very obvious that the assumptions and work rule decisions made by Boomers are already bad, and destined to become horrific.  By listening in you can start implementing work and HR policies that can help you build a strong and committed set of workers, whether they be employees or gig economy players.

Thinking points:

  • Do you have your company’s mission clearly stated, with specifics about how you will help society?
  • Are you prepared for total pay transparency – and pay equality?
  • Do you know how to balance the needs of employees, community, suppliers and customers with those of investors/owners?
  • Do you know how to demonstrate your commitment to employees, diversity, ethics and the environment in unchallengable ways?