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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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To Grow – Get Outside Your Box and Country, Then Think!

Adam Hartung, Manny Teran
trends, innovation, digital nomads, work from home, perspective, get outside the box, international business

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With Manny in Grenoble, France this podcast focuses on global business.  First and foremost, it focuses on how every business – large or small – gains by having a better understanding of foreign markets.  Instead of thinking offshore is a way to export American business models, learning from foreign businesses new ways to compete.  Opening our minds, and our processes, to alternative ways of doing business.

We explore how technology and tools make global business easier than ever.  But nationalism in several countries is trying to reverse the clock.  Business people have a role to play in understanding foreign countries, and helping citizens have more opportunities by fighting back nationalism and the risks it creates – such as the war in Ukraine.  Business people should keep trying to use global resources to move their businesses forward.

Thinking Points:

• When was the last time you visited a foreign country and attempted to understand some of their unique business practices?

• Are you ready to import new business ideas, or are you stuck trying to export your American business model?

• While nationalism has led to big government domestic investments, do you see global growth opportunities as well?

• What tools do you have to “get outside your box” and think about new ways to succeed?