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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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Tie Current Events to Long-Term Trends So You Make Decisions to Grow

Adam Hartung, Manny Teran,
Long-term, business growth, mindset, current events, trends

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You can create “Opportunity Value” in your business – making it possible for your value to increase by creating more opportunities for success.  It’s easy to keep busy and not get around to innovating.  But if we use current events to help us address trends leading to permanent changes we won’t be whipsawed by headlines and instead invest in opportunities to create higher long-term value.

Examples - Work from home will lead to changes in demand for real estate and transportation (cars and planes) that should be part of our growth plans.  Technology is allowing many more, shorter meetings – which can help us grow faster if plan our communications better to be more effective.  Some regions will do better, some worse, based on historical business investments.  We can use trends to determine the locations that will more likely lead to growth.  We can predict digital technology improvements that will give us opportunities to do more and lower cost.  And we can leverage opportunities in the gig economy.  It's all about positioning your business to seize on future opportunities!!

Thinking Points:

Are your plans designed to squeeze the last drop of value out of your old business, or create opportunity value by heading toward the future?

Is your strategy on “auto pilot” from the past, or as the pandemic ends are you rethinking your strategy based on permanent changes that will accelerate as Covid-19 restrictions go away?

Have you really addressed how mobility, gig economy, asynchronous work and the growth in artificial intelligence will impact your business?