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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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The Next John Malone? Building a NewMedia Company in 2020s

Adam Hartung, Manny Teran, Rom Gayoso
New media, Rom Gayoso, AppleTV, RokuTV, FuturesTV

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For 15 years the trends have clearly pointed to the end of broadcast TV, and the decline of cable. In Q2 2022 more TV time was spent #streaming than on cable. From now on, infotainment and entertainment will be dominated by streaming.

This podcast interviews Dr. Rom Gayoso, who abandoned his career as an economist to launch a new media company.  Rom tells us his journey identifying the opportunity for content in the streaming world, and building a Value Delivery System that could meet the needs of customers who want to read, view or listen.  His entrepreneurial challenges have been great, but he has found ways to push forward – listening to customers discuss their unmet needs and finding new solutions.  He begs the question, if an academic economist can launch a media company based on trends – what’s stopping the rest of us from moving forward?

Thinking Points:

• Do you ever consider entirely different marketplaces where change and opportunity are great, but you have no background?

• Do you accept that trends are creating huge opportunities in old industries?

• Do you let fear of the unknown stop you from pursuing opportunities?

• Do you let funding fears stop you from pursuing opportunities?

• Is your strategy to Thrive in the Future, or Survive Extending the Past?