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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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Successful Entrepreneurism Requires Identifying and Filling an Unmet Need

Adam Hartung, Manny Teran

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Big corporations get most product development wrong. They have a customer, and they just want to sell that customer a little bit more.  They keep trying to satiate an already known need with new variations.

Entrepreneurs often get product development wrong, because they have a solution in need of a market.  An "answer" looking for a "question."  The entrepreneur has a product/business and they are looking for someone - anyone - to buy from them.

This podcast explains how a better approach, that gets to sales faster and long-term value creation, exists. Listen to how a focus on trends create new, unmet needs.  Then savvy entrepreneurs find new ways to meet those unmet needs.  By filling a "needs gap" these entrepreneurs drive faster sales, and greater value.  And listeners from big companies will learn how to redirect product development toward solutions that really add value, allowing for long-term profitable revenue growth.