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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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Predicting the Future of AI and RTO

Manny Teran, Adam Hartung
RTO, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Punctuated Equilibrium, Value Delivery Systems

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Predicting trends isn’t nearly as hard as people think.  This podcast explains the foundational elements that help any forecaster understand the impact of a trend, and develop accurate future scenarios.

We know that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is creating a Punctuated Equilibrium in business practices.  Just like the pandemic and the emergence of the internet, AI has application to all business practices. Short term it will help companies innovate to improve the existing business model performance and lower cost.  That’s the current state – today (not tomorrow.) But in the future AI will open new innovations for entirely new Value Delivery Systems which will have new ways of competing and new metrics.  Only those who get involved in AI today will survive the long-term market shift.

RTO (Return To Work) is making a lot of news, as noteworthy CEOs are pulling all stops to force people back into offices.  But the pandemic was a punctuated equilibrium, and business will never return to the “old norms.”  It is a waste of resource to invest in RTO, especially when there are far, far higher returns available if you invest in AI to enhance your business and develop future growth opportunities.

Thinking Points:

  • Are you watching companies implement AI and learning applications for your business?
  • Are you experimenting with AI to improve your operations?
  • Are you altering your HR practices to take advantage of pandemic created new workplace trends?
  • Are you exploring how AI could fundamentally alter your business model?