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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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Pandemic Success Story – Pivoting to the Future at Crooked Tooth Brewery

Manny Teran, Adam Hartung, Ben Vernon,
Small business, pandemic, pandemic success, Crooked Tooth brewery, pivoting

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The pandemic hit a lot of small businesses hard. None worse than food & beverage, which shut down totally with no idea what the future would bring.  Facing potential failure Crooked Tooth Brewery in Tucson, AZ had to figure out next steps.  But rather than waiting for the pandemic to end, or doubling down on its existing business, Crooked Tooth looked at market trends and invested in new products and new distribution methods.  

These investments have quadrupled revenue/customer at the brewery and dramatically extended distribution during the pandemic.  Even in a no growth beer market Crooked Tooth built on trends for quality, unique products and community connections to not only keeping Crooked Tooth alive but position the company for future growth.  Now Crooked Tooth has found ways to meet needs of all constituents (customers, employees, suppliers, financiers and the community) creating superior results and a firm platform for future growth.

Thinking Points:

Have you identified the trends emerging in this pandemic that will change your business?  

Are you planning to extend your past, or are you investing in new growth opportunities?

Do you understand the needs (especially unmet or poorly met needs) of your different constituents, and are you implementing a plan that will better meet the needs of each constituency?