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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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Overcoming Obstacles to Growth

Adam Hartung, Manny Teran
lock-in, erp, best practices

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We create our own obstacles to growth. We just don't see them.  As we create our organizations we set up programs to do more, better, faster and cheaper.  We eliminate the people, and projects, that aren't directly tied to improving our business as it has existed.

When we're ready to do something different, our organizations have the adaptability of concrete. Locked in place.  And we don't have any other resources to put forward for developing new growth opportunities.

This podcast explains how we "lock-in" our organization to initial conditions. Intentionally. To improve operational excellence, and become "lean."  We think it's good, when in fact it makes us unable to do anything new.  Then this podcast explains how you can attack these historical hurdles in order to open your organization to new opportunities.  It's not enough to see the future, you have to go do it - and this podcast will tell you how.

Thinking points:
- Do you have an ERP or similar system, designed to automate and improve processes - but which is wildly un-adaptable?
- Have you eliminated all resources that aren't working on improving your existing business?
- Does your resource allocation system provide for funding new projects, BEFORE funding existing support projects?
- Do the "nay sayers" have the "swing votes" when it comes to investing in something new?