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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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Lessons Learned from America Leaving Afghanistan

Adam Hartung, Manny Teran
Afghanistan, Trends, Competitors, Defend and Extend

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America occupied Afghanistan, and appeared capable of staying much longer.  But in reality America's position had weakened dramatically, and the decision to leave laid bare false assumptions built on hope.  Business leaders can learn from this in order to be more successful.

First, if you aren't growing your customer relationship, it is dying.  It is impossible to have a strategy of maintaining the status quo. Impossible to think that if you hold the status quo long enough things will revert to a previous state. Everyone is moving forward, all the time. New needs are emerging, and as leaders we have to search out those needs and fulfill them.  Or your customers will walk away.  And when they move, lesson two is that it happens very fast. Faster than the old guard anticipates.  As business leaders we have to recognize we don't have lengthy planning time to find the next big thing, or even figure out how to keep customers.  Because the fringe competitors are constantly figuring out ways to move quickly to overtake your market.

Listen to this podcast and you'll learn how to avoid costly defend & extend decisions by being much more active to keep customers, grow your business and avoid a rapid failure.

Thinking points:

  • Just keeping up with inflation and economic growth requires a continuous 9%/year growth rate. Do your revenue plans meet or exceed that threshold?
  • Are you tracking fringe competitors to see where they are building pockets of strength in preparation of attacking your market?
  • Do you know your customers unmet needs?  Are you looking for new ways to solve customer problems - even if it means doing something new?