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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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It's All About the Revenues - Why I'm a Fan

Adam Hartung, Manny Teran
Netflix, revenue growth, devaluation, new markets

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Last week Netflix lost $50B of market cap in one day.  Since it's November peak the stock is down 50%.  These are huge investment losses, and is causing many people to say Netflix' good days are behind it.

This podcast explains why this way of thinking probably isn't so, and why Netflix is most likely very undervalued due to the recent sell-off. While net new subscribers is slowing, cancellations are down and revenues per subscriber are up - leading to double digit revenue (and profit) growth.  And although competitors are now obvious, they've done more to expand the market for purchased entertainment than take customers away from Netflix.

And the company that pivoted from DVDs to streaming, then from generic content to being the #1 content creator, has barely begun its efforts in gaming. Which could be bigger than static content has been.  If you're curious about the future of entertainment, and Netflix future performance, don't miss this podcast.

Thinking points:
- Do you overly rely on old market metrics, and pay too little attention to revenue creation?
- Are you prepared to keep revenues growing, even as competitors enter your marketplace?
- Do you have a plan for future revenues from new markets that will be larger than your current business?