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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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Is the Situation at Facebook As Bad As It Seems?

Adam Hartung, Manny Teran
growth stall, meta, metaverse, facebook, trends, innovation

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In 2023 Meta (Facebook’s owner) stock has dropped from $350 to $90.  That’s a market value loss of 75% in just a few months. INCREDIBLE! Are things really that bad?  Meanwhile, last week (between 10/25 and 10/28 of 2023) Apple, Alphabet, Amazon and Meta lost $420B of value in just 3 days!  It sounds like everything related to tech, or growth has gone bad.

Adam Hartung published “Facebook, The Making of a Great Company” on 9/2018. He has long used Meta as an example of good strategy – including a podcast just 6 months ago. But now, using the Spark Partners analysis, in this podcast he explains what went wrong. We explain how a failure to focus on revenues has caused Meta to (amazingly rapidly) lose its market position and its investors.  Due to a self-inflicted Growth Stall the company’s Value Delivery System has been mismanaged while too many people were lured into wasting time on what should be a White Space project for the Metaverse.  Thus leaving customers, and investors, angry.  This podcast ties the analysis to the results, explaining what it means for your company too.

Further, this podcast updates the analysis for Alphabet, Amazon, Apple and Netflix – explaining why three of these companies are the babies being thrown out with the bathwater while one of them is in the position of either turning itself around and increasing its value, or following Meta into the world of mismanaged.  Listen to the podcast to learn which one is most at risk, and understand  how you can keep your company strong.

Thinking points:

   •    Do you have a relentless focus on revenue growth (and do you know why you must have that relentless focus)?

   •    Do you keep your Value Delivery System focused on tactics and goals while making sure your growth projects are managed for the quick road to revenues?

   •    Do you know what a Growth Stall is, why it is a doom predictor, and how to avoid one?

   •    Are you aware that revenue analysis is more powerful for predicting success than anything related to earnings or cash flow?