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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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How to Apply Big Trends to Your Company – Like Apple

Manny Teran, Adam Hartung
Trends, Technology, Business, Future, Planning, ChatGPT, AI, Innovation

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Everyone sees trends, but most of us are so locked into our current situation that we don’t recognize how to use those trends for better outcomes.  We are so stuck doing what we’ve done that we feel little room is available to doing something new.  But the good news is that new tools – most of which are free – can help enormously with this overcoming this problem.

This podcast not only explains how we lock into our current situation, but how we can use something as easy as ChatGPT to identify ways to unlock the situation. In real time we explore the impact of demographic changes on homebuilding, or EV use on auto repair shops.  What used to be expensive brainstorming is now available to everyone at the touch of their keypad, instantly.  It may not give you the answer, or forecast your results, but it will give you insight to how things will change in the future, allowing you to prepare.  Or get help.

You’ll never do something new until you stop doing some of what you’re already doing. That’s the unlocking part.  Apple totally stopped autonomous car development, unlocking the resources to implement AI across all their platforms and products.  We all have the ability to stop over-investing in what we’ve done so we can invest in what will create better outcomes.

Thinking Points:

  • Do you recognize that you let your lock-ins keep you from pursuing new opportunities?
  • Are you using ChatGPT and similar tools to explore the impact of trends on your business?
  • Are you doing trend-based scenario planning, or hoping the future will look enough like today that you don’t have to change?
  • Are you open to having a coach help you plan for the future in order to achieve better outcomes?