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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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How Demographics are Leading to Entirely Different Workplaces, With Deep Impacts on Commercial Real Estate and Banking

Manny Teran, Adam Hartung
Demographics, Workplaces, Commercial Real Estate, demographic trends, Millennials, Zoomers, workplaces, commercial office space

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You can use trends to build highly accurate scenarios improving decision-making.  The last podcast discussed how demographic trends mean that Millenials and Zoomers will be running companies soon. This podcast dives into the impact on workplaces. Specifically the radical decline in needs for commercial office space.

Nationally nearly half of all commercial real estate is empty.  Vacancy rates are sky high.  Same is true for retail real estate.  That means there is a significant need to change zoning laws. And to rethink future city plans.  Further, it means that the $1.5trillion of commercial real estate loans coming due in the next 3 years are at high risk.  Which will put stress on an already hurting banking industry.  Listen to how this will likely play out, and the impacts it will have on all businesses.

Thinking points:

  • Have you thought through you needs for offices and space over the next 3 years in a meaningful way?
  • Are you preparing for a radically different workplace than we’ve had historically?
  • Are you considering the problems, and opportunities, that will be created by changing workplace trends?
  • Have you considered how banking stresses will impact your business, and your customers?