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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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Growth Takes Grit Seminar: Why Your Best Biz Plans Can Be Destroyed in So Little Time

Adam Hartung, Manny Teran, Sydney King

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Everyone works hard at their business.  Most of that time is spent making solutions better, faster, cheaper.  Constantly improving.  But the fact is your business is likely to get hammered. And not from some execution mistake.  Rather, it will be from some external event, driven by a big mega-trend you simply ignored in your passion for execution.

This podcast was recorded as a live webinar, going over why a focus on execution will lead to disaster and how you can shift your focus to external events.  Which will not only improve your performance more than focusing on execution, it will greatly increase the opportunities for growth.

Thinking points:
- Do you include demographic shifts and environmental awareness in your planning (if not, bad things will happen to you)
- Are you doing anything to change how customers evaluate your business so you are greatly advantaged?
- Is your business doing well enough that you can focus on trends rather than execution?