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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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Global Matters: Are Your Scenario Plans Up To Date?

Adam Hartung, Manny Teran
globalization, trends, Ukraine, innovation, scenario plans, scenario planning

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Global trade has become the norm.  Ever since Nixon went to China we've been pushing supply chains global for lower cost.  Global supply chains are so prolific we don't even think about them any more.

No longer.  The long-term mega-trend of globalization is taking a severe turn in reverse.  Trust is broken, and all the indicators say there is a lot of risk in international supply chains.  But this is just the beginning of understanding impacts on our supply chains.  How do we manufacture more in the USA when we don't have the working population (due to aging demographics) to do the work?  And when college grads don't want to work in manufacturing plants.  It's unlikely efforts to revitalize the "rust belt" from Cleveland to Minneapolis will magically draw thousands of young people from Texas and the southwest

This podcast explores the implications of faltering supply chain globalization.  A market shift now driven by the Ukrainian invasions that will drive big changes in immigration and robotics.  And a whole lot more.  And explain not only why you need to update your scenario plans, but how ---- and pressurize listeners to know they MUST do scenario planning if they hope to survive.