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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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Get Outside Your Box – Then Think!

Manny Teran, Adam Hartung
semiconductor, manufacturing, Malaysia, internalization, create jobs, G7, US Federal Reserve, inflation, business

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We all get trapped in our daily world.  Our location, our contacts, our responsibilities can often create a commonality to what we do and the decisions we make. And we often fail to realize how this localization creates an internalization which makes it hard to think creatively.  We do more of the same because of the rut we’re in.

This podcast was recorded with Manny in Panang Malaysia, where he was getting his eyes and ears full of new ideas.  Attending a semiconductor manufacturing conference he was hearing from leaders and entrepreneurs about how they get things done.  And it doesn’t sound much like business in the USA. For example, Malaysia has used immigration as a positive to grow its economy, create jobs and invigorate business.  The opposite view of immigration in America.

Inflation is widely misunderstood, and this podcast covers how the G7 countries are struggling with inflation, while much of Asia is not. While the US Federal Reserve ratchets up interest rates in the hopes of slowing economic growth to “tame” inflation, trying to use the wrong tool for the wrong problem.  Meanwhile Malaysia is growing like the proverbial weed without inflation by focusing on growth, not creating a recession.  And it’s clear that the G7 countries all have inflation, which belies the notion that America’s is caused by the money supply.  Listeners will hear a lot about how they can ger more done, and grow faster, if they take time to get outside their daily grind and discover alternative ways of running their business.

Thinking Points:

  • When was the last time you traveled internationally to explore new ways of doing business?
  • Do your long-term plans include new sales, or sourcing, from far flung regions, or are you planning on more of the same?
  • Do you actively seek new problem solving methods, or largely rely on attacking your problems with “tried and true” solutions?
  • Are you prepared for threats from far flung locations greatly removed from your current business?