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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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Geopolitical Scenario Planning for All of Us

Manny Teran, Adam Hartung
Geopolitics, Strategy, Scenarios, Adaptation, Global, Business, Success, Planning, Trends

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As business leaders we tend to focus on what we control. But what we don’t control is infinitely larger than what we do control. We can’t control the world, so the smartest thing to do is focus more on the world, so we can adapt and adjust we do control toward greater success.

Geopolitics is about as far away from what we can control as possible; especially as small and mid-size organization leaders. But these global events do make a difference to our businesses.  Understanding various scenarios can really help a small biz guide itself toward greater success, and avoid abrupt problems.  This podcast explains why it isn’t as hard as one thinks, because so many scenarios are published by people who do them for a living.  And this podcast demonstrates how using scenarios from one source (the Boston Consulting Group) can be applied to even small businesses.

Thinking points:

  • Do you make an effort to apply global events to your industry and company?
  • Do you subscribe to any geopolitical analytic newsletters or email lists that can provide you with insights to likely events and impacts?
  • Do you discuss the impact of geopolitical events with your colleagues, customers or suppliers in an effort to creatively assess potential scenarios?
  • Are you ready to accept that what you don’t control has a lot more impact on your business long-term success than what you do control?