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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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Freight, e-Bikes & Supersonic Airplanes – Is Your Business Ready for Trends in Transportation?

Adam Hartung, Manny Teran
Autonomous Cars, Demographic Trends, e-Bikes, Supersonic Airplanes

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Autonomous cars are going to happen. The question is when.  It’s most likely a LOT earlier than you are anticipating. And that’s a missed opportunity for your business to perform better, building on the higher reliability and safety of autonomous vehicles – which will include semi-trucks.  You need to plan on this trend as you develop future scenarios and plan on new markets and new products.

Demographic trends assure us that the USA is aging, family formation is falling, and the number of children born in new families is dropping as well.  Rather than sticking to its old business, Radio Flyer has moved from making little red wagons for children to e-bikes that serve a growing market.  Likewise, Harley Davidson has seen its primary customer base (white, male boomers) declining – guaranteeing its business would decline as its customers die.  Looking at the same trends in demographics, Harley Davidson has launched an e-bike as well in order to find new customers and new markets.  Looking at trends led these 2 old-line companies into new technologies, new products and new markets.

Supersonic flight (returning in 2019), drones that can carry passengers, and manned rocket launches by private companies will all change the face of transportation for people, and freight.  Combined with other trends, it portends a very, very different future for transportation products, how we travel, and how we serve customers.  Are you ready?

Thinking points:
Are you incorporating demographic trends into your scenario planning and product development?
Are you planning on autonomous cars, trucks and planes in your future travel and freight scenarios for customers?
How will the growth in space travel and supersonic planes impact your business?  Because it will!