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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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Environmental Awareness Trend Part 1 - The impact of electric vehicles


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The Environmental Awareness mega-trend is having a big impact on all businesses today, and will continue to do so for 20 years.  Businesses that seize the opportunity can profitably grow, while those that ignore the changes will suffer negative consequences.

This podcast overviews why electric vehicles are part of this trend, and why the transition from internal combustion to batteries is unstoppable.  And how it will impact everyone - in all industries and all geographies.  It's not just a "car" thing, but rather an impact on everyone that transports themselves, another person, or a product.  Taking action now will give you an advantage, avoid mistakes and lower your costs down the road.  If you haven't incorporated the ICE to electric movement into your planning you need to do so - now!!

This podcast covers why people omit big changes, like environmental awareness and electrifying power sources, in their planning - and how to start planning more effectively.  Looking at other transitions, like mobile to smartphones, it covers how to make predictions when markets are entering transition.  lt explains how to build accurate future scenarios, and put accurate timelines on them.  And how to make the right decisions now, before everyone else sees the trend and its impact.

Thinking points:

  • Do you think electrifying cars is a small change that will have limited impact on your business?
  • Have you explored how your markets, and costs, will change when we have electric vehicle fleets?
  • Have you explored the opportunities electric vehicles will create.
  • Are you aware of the subsidies and grants that can improve your application of the trend?

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