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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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Do You Know Your Customer Value Proposition?

Adam Hartung, Manny Teran, Sydney King
Business launch, growth, SydShakes, Spark on the Street

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If you don’t know why people buy your stuff, you have no chance at success.  You must know your customers’ needs – especially the unmet or under-met needs.  Then you give them solutions that meet those needs.  Success isn’t from just being “more, better, faster, cheaper” than the other guy.  Success comes from understanding needs, and offering the best solution to fill those needs – especially as needs change.

This podcast introduces Sydney King, founder of Syd Shakes.  She describes her journey to understanding unmet needs in health and wellness, and founding her company.  She’s not only an entrepreneur, but she’s the newest member of the Spark Partners team!  Sydney describes her knew program “Spark on the Street” which interviews entrepreneurs and growth champions in 3 to 5 minute interviews that are airing on SparkPartners Facebook and Instagram today, and by next week on our website and YouTube channels.

- Do you know your OWN under-met and unmet needs?  They could open the door to customer insights
- Do you have a very clear insight to your Customer Value Proposition?
- Do you have a desire to hear from entrepreneurs and growth champions how they built their business?