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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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ChatGPT – Why AI is Real, Valuable and Here To Stay

Adam Hartung, Manny Teran
ChatGPT, AI, artificial intelligence, machine learning, ML, trends, innovation, business growth

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ChatGPT has received a lot of news lately – and for good reason.  Ask this software robot a question and it can deliver eloquent answers often at the level of graduate school grammar.  Artificial Intelligence (or Augmented Intelligence if you prefer) is going mainstream.  College students are using it to do their homework, and people are faking expertise they do not have by leaning on ChatGPT (and other) AI.

Amidst the bemoaning of this radical tech capability, this podcast overviews why AI is a good thing.  And why it is just emerging, and will be widely adopted. While there are reasons to worry about its use, its value is very high for those who figure out how to apply it.  Our businesses exist to give value to customers.  But our Value Delivery Systems are always subject to obsolescence by market shifts – including big steps in technical capability.  

Robots allow for greater productivity because they operate quickly and accurately at low cost replacing manual labor.  Machine Learning allows software to replace rows of white collar workers bored to tears by data entry jobs and paper shuffling.  And now AI allows us to teach computers how to do customer service and many other tasks, so that we can use our talents to figure out what customers want and how to deliver it to them effectively and economically.  Just like all other technology, AI can radically improve you Value Delivery System, so it’s time NOW to start figuring out how to apply it.

Thinking points:

• Have you tested any AI platforms to learn how they work?

• Have you considered any applications of AI to improve your Value Delivery System?

• Have you evaluated whether any upstart competitors are adopting AI to give customers more value at lower cost?

• Are you ready to use AI to potentially radically alter, and improve, your Value Delivery System?