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The Business Trendsetter Podcast by Spark Partners

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Are EV’s Still a Trend, Or Has the Bubble Burst?

Manny Teran, Adam Hartung
EV, Rivian, Lucid, Tesla, Ford, Media Hype, Trends, ICE vehicle, revenue growth

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As we ended July and start August the media has largely reported that the EV market is not meeting expectations.  Companies like Rivian and Lucid are not meeting analyst expectations for sales.  Tesla and Ford are dropping prices, and inventories are up while gross margins are down.  Reading this news would lead you to think the EV trend has gone bust.

This podcast teaches us how to analyze trends and make investments with commitment to the trends.  How to overcome media hype by understanding the trends.  By looking at overall demand, year over year demand, and growth in volume we can see that EV sales are still in hyper growth mode.  Additionally, despite obstacles like higher interest rates and dealer hostility to EVs, manufacturers are making enormous strides growing market share nearly 50%.  And that the behavior of manufacturers, lowering price to increase volume, is a long-term smart move to grow the market, which when coupled with new lower-priced models will create the opportunity for customers to buy new EVs for the same price (or less) than a used ICE vehicle.  Add on that range anxiety is fast disappearing in the rear-view mirror, and the trend to EVs can be seen as clearly as road in front of your windshield.

Thinking points:

  • Have you identified the trends upon which you will build your revenue growth?
  • Have you identified the data points, and sources, you can follow to evaluate how the trend is performing?
  • Do you know customer needs, and concerns, in a way you can apply trends to meet their needs?
  • Are you investing in trends to grow, or are you still stuck investing in your old business despite its lack of trend value?