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$ 97.00 USD

What You'll Get


  • THINK Innovation Course
  • Access to Adam Hartung and Manny Teran, for coaching (additional fees apply)

THINK INNOVATION is Spark Partners’ premiere course offering breakthrough insight to disrupt conventional business tactics and foster an effective growth-driven mindset, giving you the tools to THINK LIKE AN INNOVATOR and create continuous growth in your business. Whether you’re new to business or the leader of a Fortune 500 company, this course is designed for everyone aiming to grow to the next level.

The course offers side-by-side discussion between innovation and business experts Adam Hartung and Manny Teran on the meaning of innovation in the age of information, what it takes to create it, and effective strategies for rethinking what more your business can offer. Adam offers knowledge and exercises from years of research and experience leading organizations towards strategic growth, while Manny breaks the philosophy down into workable concepts to get entrepreneurs disrupting their marketplace.

Great innovators think differently and launch marketplace disruptions. Our online course teaches you how to think, create, and execute like an innovator. Our breakthrough insights and methods will help change your mindset, giving you the tools, techniques, and strategies to create a culture of innovation in your business. We combine our powerful content, derived from over 12,000 case studies, 20 years of research, and 45 years of successful business experience, with the latest discoveries in adult learning to give you a truly unique business course that will disrupt the way you think and drive sustainable growth in your business.


  • Extensive Content - Over 24 lessons, 3 case studies, and 75 videos covering essential elements
  • Expert Instruction - Guided learning process to impact your mindset
  • Course Integration - Retention designed to help you apply learnings in the real-world
  • Real Engagement - Interact and discuss with Instructors & Community Peers
  • Self-Paced - Progress at your own speed
  • Approximate time to complete: 5-6 Weeks @ 4-6 hours per week