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SparkCom is our exclusive community of innovation, giving you access to insights and information to innovative businesses and emerging trends in the market. By joining our thriving community, you will learn how to adapt and prepare your business to thrive in the new economy. To thrive requires either being an innovator, or adapting to innovations. At SparkCom, you will have access to a wealth of information to develop your abilities to innovate and adapt and ultimately succeed. At the center of our community is our weekly video calls. Here, Adam and Manny explore innovative companies, emerging trends, and contemporary topics to give you insights on how to prepare yourself and your business for growth. We will explore the interdependency of elements in the market and how they will directly effect your business. SparkCom also gives you access to exclusive ebooks, archived material from Adam's writings on Forbes, case studies, webinars, and much more. Lastly, members now have a way to direct access Adam and Manny for one-on-one questions, receiving guidance from experts in the fields of innovation, operations, and sales.

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Real Pivots Extend VALUE Not Capabilities
July 31, 2020
Pivots, Trends, Value Proposition, Defend and Extend, Netflix, Kodak
The Spark Partners continue their conversation on pivots, looking at real world examples of both successful and unsuccessful pivots. Netflix sets the gold standard, having pivoted from DVD movie distribution towards worldwide media streaming, while Kodak is bound to flop as a pharmaceutical producer after consistently failing to make any truly strategic pivots in recent decades. Successful pivots are about problem solving and might mean totally transforming your business to produce a true innovation. Is your business changing direction to meet unmet needs, or are you just looking for new ways to continue business as usual?‍
Failing Traditional Retailers MUST Innovate to Survive
July 24, 2020
Retail, COVID, Value Proposition, True Value, Market Trends, E-commerce
With the forced closures of thousands of businesses across the country, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the inevitable fate of the retail industry: traditional retailers are failing amidst the rise of e-commerce. In this episode of The SparkCom Podcast, the Partners go in depth on how retailers should rethink their business considering the major trends dominating the marketplace. Entrepreneurs in retail have no choice but to set their sites on where their market is gong, and create a business that's fit to compete with any retailer, including Amazon.
Strategically Pivot to Offer What Your Customer REALLY Wants
July 17, 2020
Entrepreneurship, Pivot, Value Proposition, True Value, Netflix, Microsoft, Market Trends
The term "pivot" is commonly thrown around among businesses of all scales to define changes in business strategy. Many entrepreneurs attempt to make big changes to improve business, but don't actually create a change in its value. Watch this week's episode to understand how to make the pivotal changes in your business tactics to steer it towards success.

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Will Kodak Successfully Pivot into Pharmaceuticals? I Doubt it.
July 30, 2020
In the Whirlpool, Innovation, Leadership, Marketing, Strategy, Trends
Yesterday (7/28/20), President Trump surprised a LOT of people announcing that via the Defense Production Act (DPA) the US government is going to give Kodak $765 million to make pharmaceuticals. The tie to current COVID-19 pandemic issues, for which the Act was invoked, is at best tenuous. Somehow the announcement seems to be more about moving pharma production back to the USA. Which is why it left me, and a lot of others, asking “why would you pick Kodak?”
Electric Cars are not a Fad, and they Matter
July 22, 2020
Disruptions, Innovation, Leadership, Marketing, Trends
As the pandemic dropped on the USA with full force mid-April the price of oil dropped to less than $0. OK, it was something of a fluke. Demand dropped so fast that supply couldn’t fall fast enough, so oil was flowing into refineries and tanks and pipelines so fast that nobody knew where to put it – and that resulted in suppliers having to pay someone to take their oil.

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