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The SparkCom Podcast

Trends Will Always Outweigh the Government

Adam Hartung, Manny Teran
Google, Competition, Government Regulation, Antitrust, Trends, Value Proposition

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This week the Partners spark a conversation on the effects of third party involvement on business growth and innovation. Reviewing the Department of Justice’s new antitrust lawsuit against Google and it’s 2001 lawsuit against Microsoft, Adam and Manny question the role of the government in regulating competition in the marketplace. There’s no denying that e-commerce, social media, and big tech platforms have dominated the 21st century’s economy. Small businesses might feel at an unfair disadvantage against big businesses when advertising through major tech sites. If small businesses are truly limited this way, it’s definitely necessary to seek support and demand change.

But small business leaders might also consider learning from these challenges to improve their own methods to marketing. Operating through major social media and e-commerce platforms, and adapting to any booming trends is absolutely necessary to survive. Trends will always outweigh the government and economic regulations. Whether you’re more concerned with the gig economy, mobility, asynchronicity, or AI, trends direct economic growth. Stick to the trends and, if your organization is unfairly under threat, consider involving a mediator that supports business innovation.

Thinking Points